Chris Spear

Broker Associate

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About Chris Spear

Chris Spear is one of the very few real estate professionals serving the industry, who is Licensed as a Real Estate Broker and experienced as a Loan Originator. This positions Chris as a superb resource, enabling him to see real estate transactions from a broader and more insightful perspective. This allows him to serve his Clients at a more comprehensive level. Experience shows that a skilled consultant like Chris will ask you probing, intelligent questions because discovering what is really important to you, is really important to him. Chris understands that every client relationship is built upon Trust, Commitment, and Care and he cultivates and nurtures all his Client relationships accordingly. Through an established and strict adherence to a set of personal and professional Core Values Chris handles all his business relationships and transactions on a predictable plane. These Core Values include Integrity, Accountability, Personal Responsibility, Commitment and Vision. Chris is a native of the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex and an industry veteran spanning two decades. He resides in McKinney, Texas in the Stonebridge Ranch Community with his wife, Cynthia, of 30 years and their son Alex. The greatest asset most Americans own is their home. Most people are surprised to discover that there are typically 43 different people from 14 different industries that get involved during the seven stages of your transaction. Buying and/or selling such an important asset deserves the leadership of Chris Spear, your Trusted Real Estate Consultant for Life.